This course involves about 12 weeks, 400 hours of nail technology fundamentals. This class encompasses manicuring, pedicuring, acrylics, tips, wraps, gels, etc. You will learn how to provide relaxing beauty treatments for the hands, feet, and nails. You will spend your time performing nail services on the student floor, as well as completing theory hours from our Milady textbook. Here, we will also make sure that you are thoroughly prepared for your state board exam at the end of the course. Our desire is that you receive the adequate education to begin your career as a nail technician.

Manicure Class Schedules

Full-Time 30 Hours a Week

  • Tuesday – Saturday 9:00AM TO 4:00PM

Part-Time 20 Hours a Week

  • Tuesday-Saturday 9:00AM TO 2:00PM

20 Instructional Weeks

Class Start Dates

  • Feb 2/7/17 and 2/21/17
  • March 3/7/17 and 3/21/17
  • April 4/4/17 and 4/18/17
  • May 5/2/17 and 5/16/17
  • June 6/6/17 and 6/20/17
  • July 07/18/17
  • Aug 08/1/17 and 08/15/17
  • Sep 9/5/17 and9/19/17
  • Oct 10/3/17 and 10/17/17
  • Nov 11/7/17 and 11/21/17
  • Dec 12/5/17 and 12/19/17
All dates subject to change without notice

Gainful Employment Program Disclosure
Manicuring Performance Fact Sheet