The basics of Barbering/Styling, Advanced Barber/Styling, Cutting and Styling, Design Techniques, Barber Science, The Chemicals and Treatments, Anatomy, Industry Related Business Principles, Barber Boards, Operating in the Field and Practical Application.

The curriculum includes a total of 1500 hours of theory and practical applications. The course content covers both basic and advanced phases of Barbering Hairstyling. The subjects covered in a sequential order include the following: Haircutting, Shaving, Sanitation and Hygiene, Massaging, Shampooing, Facials, Shop Management, Laws and Regulations, Hair Coloring, Hair Relaxing, Hairpieces, Hair Waving and Hair Styling. This course prepares the student for entry-level employment as a Barber/Stylist.

Barber Class Schedules

Full-Time 30 Hour Per Week - 1500 Hours Total

  • Tuesday – Saturday 1:00PM TO 7:30PM

54 Weeks

Class Start Dates

  • Feb 2/7/17 and 2/21/17
  • March 3/7/17 and 3/21/17
  • April 4/4/17 and 4/18/17
  • May 5/2/17 and 5/16/17
  • June 6/6/17 and 6/20/17
  • July 07/18/17
  • Aug 08/1/17 and 08/15/17
  • Sep 9/5/17 and9/19/17
  • Oct 10/3/17 and 10/17/17
  • Nov 11/7/17 and 11/21/17
  • Dec 12/5/17 and 12/19/17
All dates subject to change without notice

Gainful Employment Program Disclosure

Barbering Price Sheet