About Us

Lawrence & Company College of Cosmetology has been established since August of 1998. We are located in downtown Selma where we offer courses in Cosmetology, Manicuring, and Instructor Training. Here, you will practice cosmetology skills, shop management, and business concepts. Our goal is to equip you with job intelligence, and help you discover your ability to transform your life and others' lives by using your training. We believe that the degree of your success will depend on the effort you are willing to apply during the entire training course.

Mission Statement

The mission of Lawrence & Company College of Cosmetology is to offer an extensive accelerated educational program that prepares the successful student to pass the California State Board exam by providing a stimulating enthusiastic atmosphere to maximize the development and personal growth of each student as a total person, to help each student discover his/her potential and function as cosmetology, entrepreneurs and teachers of the future.

To meet that goal, we strive to provide an outstanding facility, experienced and highly trained instructors and a curriculum developed to train and graduate students that are prepared, confident and excited to enter a career within the salon and beauty industry.

Staff at Lawrence & Co.

Ms. Rod: Esthetician and Cosmetology instructor. The way to Ms. Rod's heart is to give her chocolate
Ms. Sandra: Cosmetology instructor. Ms. Sandra can creatively make trash into treasure
Mrs. Robin: Admissions and financial aid officer. Ms. Robin loves her 32 oz. pepsi
Ms. D: President and Admissions Officer. Ms. D is always on the go
Mr. Crouch: Barber instructor. Very enthusiastic!
Mr. Garcia: Clinic floor instructor